5 Reasons Why You Should Apply for a Private Ancillary Funds

Generosity is a virtue and many choose various ways to share the wealth. However, there are many for whom the impact of generosity is not visible. Either that or your money is not reaching the right place. 

According to AskRIGHT investing in Private Ancillary Funds is one way of ensuring your money is serving the right cause.

What are Private Ancillary Funds?

Private Ancillary Funds or PAF as we call them, are a type of charitable trust giving a structured way of serving your philanthropic cause.

It helps not just individuals, but also families and organizations with structured investment methods. Here’s why they are better than any of the other charitable methods.

1. Watch your investments make a difference

Private Ancillary Funds are very transparent and you can easily witness the effect they have on the causes they serve. Your money goes to the places you want it to and your investments bear fruit. 

It’s really satisfying to see that your money is having a positive impact on the lives you are actually trying to help. Also, you may choose to be actively involved with the causes you wish to stand by and help. This way, you can get a first-hand experience of serving the cause literally.

2. These are long-term investments 

With the Private Ancillary Funds, you may choose to serve your cause for as long as you would like. You need to start with an initial amount for investment. To get started with Private Ancillary Funds with AskRIGHT the recommended is $500,000. 

Once you start with the giving, the process is absolutely smooth and kicks-off in just about 6-8 weeks. A total of 5% of the net assets are a must to be distributed unless it’s your first year of setting up the fund. The PAF allows you sustainable funding and easy grantmaking.

3. Family investments

You may also involve your families and children to continue with your investments and take your legacy forward. 

Since you are doing it for a long time, your children become aware of your efforts of giving it back to the society and helping the ones who need your help. This affects others’ lives positively and your children get to look at a brighter future.

4. Continue giving even after your death
Another benefit of the Private Ancillary Fund is that, since it’s a long-term investment plan, you may also choose to continue with the fund even after your death. So, your legacy continues, even if your children or family start with their own separate funds. You may write about investing with the Private Ancillary Fund in your will and continue with the giving. Get in touch with a specialist from AskRIGHT for more information about Private Ancillary Fund plan.

5. Rewarding option to serve charity

The PAF fund is not only giving but is equally rewarding. The Private Ancillary Fund is known for its flexibility and tax deductibility. Whatever donations you make to the PAF are all tax deductible. Your franking credits are also refunded. 

So, when you are investing you are also receiving an income tax exemption for income earned by the fund, including capital gains. The flexibility of having online access to your distributions and assets is also noteworthy.

Giving to charity through Private Ancillary Funds is a practical solution. PAF is simple and very effective. This is the most efficient way with fewer efforts needed to manage and organize your funds and investments. Plus you also benefit equally from the fund as well.

For more information about Private Ancillary Funds check out other resources!

Lessie Larochelle